Move the pointer to the left of the page, so the small cross shows up. Click and add a Live Code View widget.

Creating Notes 4

Copy the token to your clipboard

New Live Code View

If you hit Create at this point, the Live Code View is created but it displays a message about the token being not found.

It doesn't matter.

New Live Code View

Insert the token in your file

Switch to your favorite IDE.

Locate the code block you want to embed in your note and paste the token into a comment.

Save the file.

Live Code View

Back to CodeStory, the Live Code View should now be connected!

Live Code View

If it's not, check that your code sources are properly configured. You should check that the file:

  • has an extension that's one the supported file types,
  • has a path that belongs to a defined source,
  • is not excluded by glob and specific exclusions.

Adjust the Live Code View

Use the inspector to adjust the number of lines that should be displayed.

Live Code View

Doing so also automatically confirms the Live Code View.

New in CodeStory 2021.1 : Check out Smart contexts.

Repeat with more Live Code Views and minimal guidance

Here is an example of what the final note could look like. As you can see, no need to be verbose!

Live Code View
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